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Over $239 billion locked in DeFi so far in 2022.
Join us as we unlock more financial value through
decentralized finance, cryptocurrency & blockchain.

Market Research

Save time, focus on creating a product the market actually needs & Make smarter decisions based on research & market insights

Product Development

Our experienced team of professional developers are always available to help you build the next innovative project

Growth & Operations

Worried about marketing, launch & penetrating the crypto space? From market making to listing apis. Work with us to maintain momentum

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Innovation, Evolution & Growth

About Tiger Labs

Decentralized Finance, Liquidity Protocols, Blockchain Evolution & Emerging Markets Are The Future That Will Contribute Immensely To How We Trade, Transact & Eventually How We Live. We Have Lived On Social Media, Now We Live On The Blockchain. Our Team of Experienced Professionals Is Here To Contribute To The Onboarding Of New & Innovative Projects By:

  • Providing Valuable & Industry Relevant Services
  • Measurable Results & Secured Trading Enviroments
  • Funding, Project Incubation & Product Launch
  • Decentralized Applications, Liquidity Managements, DAO & So Much More


Our Services

Numbers, Information & DeFi

Crypto-currency & DeFi is an industry of numbers & information. Stay updated on upgrades, innovations, emerging blockchain technologies & projects. Discover trends before they are trending.

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Market Research

Look before you leap. Work with insights & make smarter decisions

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Industry Reports & Analytics

Stay updated with what is going on in the industry and work with analytics

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Let's Build It Together

From Phython, React.JS, Solidity to UI/UX and front-end Development, Let our team of experienced developers handle the development & creation of your next project

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dAPP Development

Tokens, Smart Contracts, Docs, Deployment of Decentralized Apps

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Project Management & Launch

From inception to launch, IEOs, Marketing, Token Sales & Listing

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Liquidity & Market Making

Trading Pairs, Order Book Management, Liquidity, Automation & Expansion

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Market Integration & Partnerships

APIs, Listing, Aggregators, Audits, Security, Marketing & So Much More

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Funding, Sales & Project Launch

Support With Fundraising, Grant Applications, Marketing & Presales

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Think You're Late?
No! The Party Just Started.

Interest in crypto-currency has exploded over the past 24-months resulting in further growth and explosion of the DeFi markets too. From yield farming to NFTs & liquidity mining, DeFi has not only experienced sustainable and massive growth, it has also made its undeniable impact in the industry thus making it clear that is fully here to stay. Below let's look at some DeFi stats..

Million Dollars(TVL 2022)
Billion Dollars(TVL 2022)
Million MAU of Metamask
Trillion. Total Crypto Mcap
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TigerLabs Research

Always remember that no member of the TigerSwap team will ever reach out to you first & please double-check & verify whoever you are chatting with via our official platforms or e-mail -

Please click the link below to get whitelisted and make sure to join and follow our official social media accounts for next steps and updates. Don't forget to always read the pinned message as published on our Telegram Channel @TigerSwap_Ex. Take the first step:

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No, they are not. TigerLabs is focused on research, analytics, reports and providing services while Tiger Academy provides training and coaching programs for educational purposes & career growth.

For now, our core area of focus is DeFi, Project Launch, Development & Deployment and all other services as mentioned on this website. As the team grows and evolve, we shall be accomodating more services and offering more value to our esteemed clients.

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